17 Days of FIFA Guide for FIFA 17

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17 Days of FIFA is a yearly event created by Electronic Arts to celebrate the holiday season. 17 Days of FIFA is announced as the biggest FIFA 17 social giveaway because during the promotion, Electronic Arts offers special daily gifts to their social network followers. In this guide you can know everything about the 17 Days of FIFA celebration, including updated offers, frequently asked questions, everything about 17 Days of FIFA.


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This promotion is predicted to start from 9 December 2016 to 25 December 2016. During that time, new offers are available everyday. You may get eligible to win FIFA copies, signed jerseys of popular players or clubs, signed boots, FUT in-game items, free Ultimate Team packs and more FIFA and football related merchandising. That's all prizes you can expect!


By the way, don't worry, this event have absolutely no influence on the FUT transfer market.


Except above basic information, here are also frequently asked questions and answers to let you grasp more information about the promotion.


How do I take part in 17 Days of FIFA? 

In order to take part in the 17 Days of FIFA promotion, you have to follow EA Sports FIFA on at least one of their social channels (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). Once you have done this and when requested by Electronic Arts, you will need to reply to, retweet or repost relevant posts.


Can we expect free packs and the released date?

Yes. Free packs will be assigned to every players, even those who don't follow EA Sports FIFA in the social networks. Free packs probably released on December 24. 


Are Daily Gifts available during the 17 Days of FIFA?

Daily Gifts available during part of this promotion are assigned to FUTmas and not to 17 Days of FIFA.


Can we expect a featured tournament related with the 17 days of FIFA?

No. Featured tournaments taking place during this event have no relation with 17 days of FIFA.


I hope all these could be helpful for you. 17 Days of FIFA offers have not been announced yet. We will be updating all the promotional offers as they become available. You can check in this page to see the complete program as soon as it becomes available.