7 Changes Made by EA to Stop FIFA 16 Beta Problems

fifa16mall Date: Aug/19/15 10:30:50 Views: 40

EA have once again been very active this year in highlighting their sparkling new features, these days it holding a closed beta for a select number of lucky gamers. However, there have evidently been some corrupt issues on PS4 console and it sounds like they have all been linked to the always problematic rest mode. Don't worry here are 7 of the changes made by EA to stop us all from tearing our hair out every time we pick up the controller.


7. Long Cut-Scenes… Cut


When you’re sitting with a controller in your hand, you want to be using it as much as possible, surely? Which is why awkward cut-scenes in FIFA 15 and previous editions were not only pointless, but clunky and hard to dodge.

After a few matches on the Xbox One version of the game, it was apparent that the cut-scenes have been trimmed down, more interesting, or easier to cut away from. This meant no more awkward button-bashing or waiting for the ball to be hurled at your man waiting to take a throw-in. The game phases flowed well between set-pieces, corners and goal kicks and the main match itself.


6. Pace Not Everything


One thing every FIFA player hates more than anything is defending against pace. Even if you’re a fan of slapping the turbo chargers on, you’ve got to admit it’s terrifying to prevent when a solely quick player is deployed against you.

Now the game feels more technical, and less about sheer speed. Ball control, dribbling skills and sharp reactions are required to harness the joys of pace, something that is more evident now than on previous FIFA games. This should hopefully prevent your team from falling foul of Victor Ibarbo & Co. running wild all because of a little 90+ figure stamped next to their pace stats. Players need more than that to be successful on this FIFA.


5. Passing Is Trickier To Master


EA have gone out to turn this game into a warzone, and it’s a great move. They were concerned that players were moving from defence to attack too quickly, as opposed to the real world where midfield battlegrounds are extremely common.

It has become trickier to master the relatively simple art of passing the ball, with players required to be more focused for every pass they make rather than mindlessly tapping A/X in rhythm to ping-pong the ball the length of the pitch. It’s do-able, but it’s far harder, and loose passes are more common. This will catch out player who aren’t concentrating, and will prevent any pass-happy kids from trolling their way past you with button-tapping akin to a Mario Party mini-game.


4. High Through Balls Tougher


High through balls were hugely effective on FIFA 15. They were easy to produce and could be spammed by opponents looking for a cheap way through. Like with the passing, a good product is achievable, but it will require skill rather than just a lazy tap.

This will see a greater variation in how players break down defences, and means that the days of being endlessly tormented by lofted through balls every game are over… Until somebody learns how to master it, then you’ll need to be on your guard.


3. Goalkeepers Work


Goalkeepers actually work; it’s a miracle. FIFA 16 instantly offers a bit of solidarity at the back, whereas FIFA 15’s biggest flaw was the fact that if a player has a one-v-one chance, they won’t miss it if they simply finesse the ball lightly beneath the flimsy, non-existent goalkeeper.

They’re not super-human on FIFA 16, though goalkeepers are now fantastic at punching away corners at every opportunity, but you do get an air of comfort when they do flail limbs that they’ll actually do their job an deny the attacker a cheap goal. They can still make mistakes from time to time, but it appears as though goalkeepers are a marked improvement on last year. Mercifully.


2. Defenders Aren’t Ghosts


Relating to the ‘pace isn’t everything’ point, another big boost for defences is that they feel solid, sturdy and physical size and strength actually matters. One of the greatest annoyances from previous FIFA games is when the diminutive Theo Walcott can barge through a dominant Vincent Kompany like he’s not even there.

That matchup will be a lot more life-like this season, with strong real-world players rewarded with strong virtual representations. Defenders don’t necessarily need to go to ground, or even put a foot in, to nick the ball back. Instead they can hustle, bustle and bully the ball away from pesky pace-merchants. Players will still be able to get past, but defenders feel like a far greater presence.


1. AI Intelligence


Perhaps the biggest irritant for all FIFA players is watching helplessly as your team loses all shape as you can’t quite conduct and orchestra of 10 other players while focusing on the one man you’re in charge of.

Conceding a goal when there was simply nothing you could do about it is the worst feeling, but now defenders will keep watch, cover and even track back depending on your game plan setting, whether it be ultra-defensive or all-out-attack. Defences ‘should’ be a lot tighter this time around, and that can only be a good thing for closer, more intense matches.