8 Confirmed FIFA 16 Downgraded Players Rating

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EA have revealed their Top 50 UT players, and while many have been boosted up to the next level and beyond, there are off-form players who’ve taken a nosedive. EA don’t often do knee-jerk reactions, but there are several players who may feel like their virtual counterparts have been trimmed down too harshly.


A lot boils down to personal taste, so here are the 8 confirmed downgraded players so far in order of their overall rating (Manchester City and PSG fans: Beware/Se Méfier)…



8. Angel Di Maria (PSG) – 85

Angel Di Maria suffered a torrid year in the Premier League following an English top flight record transfer which saw the Argentine move to Manchester United from Real Madrid for a whopping £60 million, plus the extravagant wages, agent fees, and luxury perks that are attached to a superstar footballer nowadays.

The attacker failed to justify the massive price tag, demonstrating his unquestioned ability in brief flashes, though it seemed as though the physicality of the league simply got the better of him. A -1 point drop is understandable, but any further could be harsh for a player who was in such fine form in La Liga.


7. Edinson Cavani (PSG) – 85

Edinson Cavani is an odd footballer. His reputation has gone before him, with his name striking fear and respect into the hearts of opponents based on his lethal goalscoring record. However, Cavani is somewhat flawed when it comes to huge games for PSG.

In Ligue 1 he bagged 18 goals in 35 games, striking up a formidable partnership with Zlatan Ibrahimovic up front, though that doesn’t seem quite so impressive when you consider Max Gradel (now at AFC Bournemouth) managed a total of 17 in the league. Cavani has done well against lower opponents, but on the huge stage of the Champions League, I think he’s failed to deliver in a competition that PSG should really be looking to mount a challenge for. A -1 point drop is bold but justified.


6. Vincent Kompany (Man City) – 85

It feels as though Vincent Kompany is beloved by all football fans, regardless of their own allegiance. That’s probably not entirely the case, but the big Belgian does seem like a thoroughly decent man, as well as a mighty presence in the heart of Manchester City’s defence.

Manchester United’s extremely noisy neighbours struggled last season as Kompany failed to reproduce title-winning form, however, he looks like he’s back on track to lift the Premier League trophy once again even at this early stage in the season. Kompany has been dropped -1 down to 85 due to last season, but continued good form should see him recover and possibly excel his previous rating.


5. Yaya Toure (Man City) – 85

Yaya Toure falls into the very same category as his City teammate. At the peak of his career in Manchester, Toure was the most frightening footballer in the league as he marauded up and down the pitch scoring goals at will, setting up his teammates and even galloping back to defend when called upon.

His progress seemed to stall around the time of his controversial discontent at the Etihad, with a rumour circulating that the club had forgotten his birthday, flaring up Toure’s temper. His future looked in serious doubt, but he remained with City and has started this campaign in a refreshed state. Again, akin to Kompany, Toure slid from 86 to 85, but consistent performances could see him shoot back up.


4. Bastian Schweinsteiger (Man Utd) – 86

The news trickling through from Germany that Bastian Schweinsteiger was on the verge of a move to Manchester United actually made far more headlines than the German icon himself during his short time at the club after his move from Bayern Munich.

Schweinsteiger is a veteran who’s been there, done that, and won it all, including the World Cup with his national team in 2014. When United signed Schweinsteiger, they weren’t just signing one gifted player, they were signing a man who could tease an extra 10% out of every player around him too. Unfortunately it hasn’t clicked for Schweinsteiger just yet, and the fact Bayern let him walk out the door suggests he isn’t the same force he once was. He’s taken a -2 point hit which is fair, because let’s face it, he could kick into gear and show the world there’s still plenty left in the tank.


3. Franck Ribery (Bayern Munich) – 87

Franck Ribery is another player on this list on the gradual decline, but the Bayern Munich attacker still has time to turn it all around and prove his worth to the side for whom he’s helped spearhead for many years. The Frenchman has suffered with major injuries lately, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t racked up some superb stats.

The 32-year-old racked up 9 goals and 7 assists in 23 games last season for his club, with many of those appearances seeing Ribery substituted on or off the field. He’s a massive loss to Bayern, and part of the reason why they lost some Champions League sting last year, but a -1 point drop is understandable. However, the message is clear: Write Ribery off at your own peril…


2. Andres Iniesta (Barcelona) – 88

Andres Iniesta is one of the finest, most underrated players of his generation. The ingenuity of his movement means that, even turning 31, he’s still one of the most dangerous players in La Liga. Despite featuring for Barcelona only 24 times last season (his lowest number of appearances in well over a decade) it’s clear that he still offers plenty to one of the world’s strongest attacking teams.

Still, even Iniesta has flaws. He endured a much-publicised number of months without recording a goal or assist, and with stats rising to such prominence, poor numbers will result in the average football fans giving up on certain players. That will be EA’s justification, but it certainly doesn’t make Iniesta a poor player, he’s a unsung genius.


1. Zlatan Ibrahimovic (PSG) – 89

It may sound strange, but for all the praise Zlatan Ibrahimovic gets, I still think he could be underrated in the grand scheme of things. He’s won it all in numerous countries, and how many top strikers can say that? He’s proven himself in every majopr top flight except the Premier League, but that shouldn’t be held against him.

His goalscoring record over a number of years has been sublime, while his unique power, acrobatic skill, and venomous finishing have brought joy to any FIFA player lucky enough to have him in their UT squad. He still racked up 19 league goals and 6 assists in 24 appearances last season. That is remarkable, and while he is now 33 – the only real reason for his -1 decline from the 90+ club – he’s proven himself as arguably the greatest out-and-out striker in the last decade. Who wants to debate me on that?