Best Cheap Player in FIFA 16: Heung-Min Son

fifa16mall Date: Sep/26/15 14:13:59 Views: 45

With FIFA 16 now officially out in the UK, many FUT players will be looking for cheap players to use in their teams to help them win as many games as possible, one of those players is Heung-Min Son.


Budget beast

The first thing you have to know about FIFA 16 is that pace is not as important as last year, to be able to score goals you need someone that can dribble around defenders and players that will make great runs when their not on the ball. Heung-Min Son does all of those things and more.

After trying strikers like Danny Welbeck and Romelu Lukaku without any success I decided to convert Son to a left forward and play him as a 7 chem striker. I was rewarded instantly, a last minute goal to win me a very tight match 1-0. The South Korean has the agility to wriggle away from defenders and use his pace and dribbling to great effect.

The best part about Son's card is the price, you can pick him up for around 2.5k which compared to players like Welbeck and Lukaku, is an absolute bargain.