Bug Report: 12 Funniest Glitches in FIFA 16 So Far

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EA Sports have ploughed a lot of time into ensuring players’ faces are accurate, as well as dropping in minor features like the vanishing spray for set-pieces. But EA can’t be in total control over every minuscule detail, and there are always stray moments when the game takes on a life of its own.

Players have twisted their entire bodies, performed the most ridiculous actions, and have even managed to sink straight through the grass itself on previous games, and FIFA 16 is no stranger to bugs, glitches, and downright fails. So here are some of the most bizarre moments from the new game.


12.The Disintegration Of Marc-Andre Ter Stegen

“Don’t make it obvious where you’re kicking the ball, Marc.” That could’ve been the coaches’ advice for the Barcelona keeper before he trotted out onto the pitch, unfortunately his shoulder had other ideas.

Here we have Marc-Andre ter Stegen’s left side stretched out across half of the pitch, acting as a perfect guide for the the direction of the ball. Goalkeepers are always told to make themselves big when strikers are rushing at the goal. Ter Stegen just took things to the next level.


11.Zlatan Being Zlatan

Everybody loves a freak dislocation on FIFA. Here we have the Swedish maestro Zlatan Ibrahimovic pulling off a move that only Zlatan would dare to try.

But even by the PSG striker’s fearsome standards it’s probably a reach that he could manage to casually swing a leg so high before dragging it backwards through his own chest and out again through his standing leg. Although if anybody were crazy enough to attempt it…


10.World Class Goalkeeping

Women’s Football is a welcome addition to FIFA, with a lot of scope for the future. It could change the way we play the game and grow into a credible, seriously competitive mode.

But building the mechanics up from scratch has provided a couple of howling flaws with some of the players. The general standard of goalkeeping at the real-life World Cup earlier in 2015 was criticised, but absolutely nothing can defend the German stopper here as the ball trickles through her legs into the gaping net.


9.“Mine. My Ball! Mine.

One of the most hilarious fails came when Chelsea midfielder Oscar picked up the ball to take a quick throw-in. Along came Branislav Ivanovic, but instead of dropping the ball at his feet, the football stuck to Oscar’s hand.

The Brazilian played a petty game of keep-ball as Ivanovic gave chase. What’s wrong with two teammates having a bit of friendly taunting during a crucial FIFA match? Everything.


8.Oh, Joe

Button-mashing before a penalty is taken may seem like a fruitless venture, but don’t be so sure. Here we have England Number 1 Joe Hart scuttling across his line, dancing away from the goal.

It’s a ridiculous crab-dance to the side and straight out of view, and Nemanja Matic can’t handle the pressure of an open goal. On FIFA 15, sometimes you felt like having nobody in goal would be an improvement on the game’s keepers. Now here’s the evidence on FIFA 16…


7.Play On!”

Goalkeepers have been a contentious subject on FIFA games for years now. Just think about it, they’re the AI-controlled presence tasked with being the last line of defence for your hopes and dreams.

When your goalkeeper decides that his knee has given up and goes for a lie-down, you know it’s not your day. Not only did these opponents fail to sportingly kick the ball away, they simply walked the ball home. Frustration levels peaked.


6.And There’s More…

We’ll lay off Germany for a while, but here is Thibaut Courtois getting into a spot of bother. He’s got the ball firmly glued to his gloves, and that’s the problem.

A stumble over the fallen striker leads to Courtois forgetting the ball is in his grasp as he staggers over the line. The refereeing is also called into question when it comes to the attacker thrashing about on the floor, but the goal stands.


5.Not Again…

Sorry, Germany, but you need to get your goalkeeping situation under control. The first goal conceded was a horrid mistake, but the second is literally painful.

Not only does the brave goalkeeper ‘Superman’ the ball into her own net, she melds together with the post. That really didn’t end well for anybody. Okay, maybe the opponents…



That’s simply not a good time for the Sounders player on the receiving end of a leg bend that should probably have ended in an amputation.

A simple sliding tackle escalated quickly when his foot was caught in the grass. And, well, you can view the damage for yourself but knees don’t crumple both ways and bones aren’t meant to stab against your skin. No doubt this brave warrior sprung to his feet and kept on playing, despite suffering one of the most horrific injuries the game has witnessed.


3.Ronaldo Stealing The Limelight

Cristiano Ronaldo is the big cheese at Real Madrid. He’s the man, and in his eyes, he’s the only man. James Rodriguez has dipped into sensational form for Los Blancos, but he’s obviously not done enough to earn the spotlight for himself.

Rather than standing over the ball as a decoy, Ronaldo jumps up and down in front of the Colombian gem, just to let the world know that he’s still there. Rodriguez takes the run up with Ronaldo still blocking his path and comes mightily close to scoring the most unlikely free-kick.


2.The Vanishing Vanishing Spray

The previously mentioned vanishing spray has proved very effective in the Premier League when it comes to keeping rowdy footballers at bay.

This particular referee’s spray is obviously working too well, vanishing before it even makes a mark on the pitch.


1.Falcao Defies The Laws Of Physics

Falcao suffered the ultimate Premier League curse in the real world. He dominated Portugal, Spain and France, but England proved to be an enormous task for the Colombian. His reputation was shredded from ‘fearsome’ to ‘comedian’ in the space of a season.

He’s desperate to get back into the spotlight, and this is clearly his attempt. First he’s bending a leg horizontally backwards, and secondly, I’m pretty sure feet don’t fold like that. Add into the mix that he’s actually hovering at this point and there you have it. Falcao will do anything to be loved.