Comparison and Analyse the New FIFA 16 Card

fifa16mall Date: Aug/05/15 14:14:35 Views: 29

Recently, EAs has bring us more fifa 16 news, like we will be able to try out FIFA 16 first on XBOX ONE at September 1, and eight new legends will be added in FIFA 16, even the fut card have been re-designed. As for FUT card, it will be shapes and layout got some new look. In this article, let's have a look the re-designed FIFA 16 Ultimate Team new card (based on this legends card) and analysed its new look & feel.



The Shape

As you can see above, the shape of the card is slightly different than the previous FUT cards. The hood (top of the card) has become longer. This current design is apparently for the legends, but it is expected that the layout of the normal player cards follow the same shape. The other thing is the bottom part, which looks sharper than FUT 15 card’s shape.


Player’s Face and Rating

Player’s face, his rating, position, league’s logo and national flag are in a same place as FUT 15 card’s, but as you noticed, player’s info in that area are now aligned in one line next to the player’s face image. This makes the card look neater and less messy.


Player’s Name Move Up

Player’s name has been moved below the face & info row. Which design-wise makes more sense. The new placement is more eye-catching than before and helps you find the player name easier than before when you are looking at cards in card stacks like in Transfer Market.


Chemistry Style to the Bottom

Chemistry Style is an important factor in FIFA Ultimate Team, but player’s rating and name have higher priority than it. So the new design brings more balance for your eyes to catch the data you need to look for as CHM Style moved all the way to the bottom.