Complete FIFA16 Free Kick Tutorial

fifa16mall Date: Nov/02/15 15:32:49 Views: 34

This Fifa 16 free kick tutorial will go into detail on the curl, driven, and indirect free kick. It will teach you how to score easy goals on set pieces. 

The first free kick in this Fifa 16 tutorial is the curl free kick. To do this while powering up the shot hold the left stick in a diagonal direction. The power should not be less than 1 ½ bars. Depending on your player stats and distance the power and curl can vary. Too much power and the ball will go over the crossbar. Too little and the wall or keep will be able to block it easily. Before shooting move your aim to allow for a curl. Play around with the curl with your selected player to figure out the perfect amount. The most important stats for a successful curl free kick taker is curl and accuracy.


The second free kick is the driven free kick. To perform the driven free kick, hold down the LB/ L! button. This is an extremely powerful free kick that will catch the keeper by surprise. Make sure to aim just outside the wall and hold the left stick back towards goal when power the shot. The most important stat for a successful driven free kick taker is power.


Lastly, and my favorite free kick technique, the indirect free kick. A lot of the time you have a very tough angle to score or a difficult distance. Don’t try to force it, catch your opponent by surprise and pass to one of your players. Make a quick move like a first time fake shot and get through on goal. This is the best way to score when your opponent moves one of their players to the backline to help the keeper.