EA Sports Gets The License of 14 Brazilian Clubs

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As you recall last year EA Sports announced that FIFA 15 would not include the Brazilian players operating in the local league, and therefore all the Brazilian league was out of the game due to changes in licensing policies in Brazil.

But this season EA Sports has spoken to all Brazilian clubs asking them responsible for gathering the documents releasing the rights of their respective templates, thus avoiding future legal problems are made.


But for now three Brazilian clubs decided not to accept the proposal of EA Sports and therefore lowered FIFA 16, the main beneficiary being Konami Japanese developer and formalized that PES 2016 will feature 24 Brazilian clubs license.


As you know Corinthians decided to stay out of FIFA 16 due to a monetary issue, accepting the offer of Konami and PES 2016 which was twenty times the EA offer.


Meanwhile Goias club players were those who did not accept assign its rights to the Canadian developer although the club was interested in appearing in the game. Finally the club Sport Recife also confirmed that FIFA would not be 16 but chose not to reveal the reasons for this decision.


ESPN meanwhile confirmed that several Brazilian clubs reached an agreement with EA Sports, yet some of them even had their existing contracts. Meanwhile the Brazilian website UOL Jogos has contacted the communication and marketing departments of the clubs that make up the Brazilian League, in order to confirm their presence at the next installment in the FIFA series, here are the results.



Atletico Paranaense










Ponte Preta

Sao Paulo


Vasco da Gama



Atletico Mineiro




Not part of FIFA 16





As you can see fourteen Brazilian clubs have confirmed an agreement with EA Sports, missing only three clubs available confirmed. Quite part of these negotiations, EA already made official the list of stadiums included in FIFA 16, confirming that no Brazilian stadium will be output in this installment of the popular series of football video games.


Finally worth mentioning that Gilliard Lopes, producer of EA Sports, told repeatedly that negotiations with Brazilian clubs still continue, and not announce anything until we have everything 100%.


FIFA 16 will be released in America and Europe on 22 and 24 September respectively, for PC platforms, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. You can try fifa 16 demo in 8th-10th September and read more latest FIFA 16 here.