FAQ - FIFA 16 Mobile Frequently Asked Questions

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This is fifa16mall FAQ lessons (TAGs Link only available on PC at http://www.fifa16mall.com) about FIFA 16, you can find every things faqs on fifa 16, this time we take you to the FIFA 16 Mobile FAQ that things you may not ever know. Take a look at our short guide in order to stop being part of this group of uninformed people.


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Q: In which devices FIFA 16 mobile works?

A: iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices.


Q: Can I manage my FUT 16 squad for consoles with FIFA 16 Mobile ?

A: No. You need to use the Companion App.


Q: How can I buy FIFA points and packs for FIFA 16 Mobile ?

A: You can purchase points and packs by opening your Main Menu and tapping the ‘Store’ button. From there you can tap either the ‘Points’ or the ‘Packs’ button depending on what you would like to purchase. Tapping these buttons will then take you to their corresponding purchase menus.


– Purchasing Packs

In the Packs menu, you will be given the option to browse and select the type of pack you would like to purchase. You can also view information related to what the pack you currently have selected includes. Once you have decided on the pack you would like to purchase, tap the ‘Buy’ button.

– Purchasing Points

In the Points menu you will be able to view and purchase varying amounts of FIFA Points along with their purchase price. Once you have decided on your purchase, tap the corresponding button.


Q: It is possible to avoid my kids buy FIFA Points ?

A: Yes. You may disable in-app purchasing using your device settings.


Q: What is the price of FIFA Points for FIFA 16 Mobile ?

A: 100 FIFA points £0.69

300 FIFA points £1.99

500 FIFA points £2.99

800 FIFA points £5.49

1500 FIFA points £10.49

2000 FIFA points £13.99

4000 FIFA points £27.99


Q: Do I have to purchase FIFA points to make a purchase from the FIFA 16 Mobile menu ?

A: FIFA points are not your only option when making a purchase in the store; you can also use the coins that you earn through playing the game. Once you have decided on your purchase and tapped the ‘buy’ button, you will be prompted to choose coins or FIFA points as a method of purchase. Please note that if you do not have sufficient coins to make the purchase, you will only be able to select the FIFA points purchase option.