FIFA 16 Attacking Formations Tips: Set Your Team Up Tactically

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These FIFA 16 attacking formations tips will help you to set your team up tactically which will lead to you scoring more goals on FIFA 16 with our original tips. Please read on to explore a couple of our favourite formations we use.


Probably the most adventurous formation you can choose (behind the 4-2-4). A lot of people online like to use the various versions of this formation and you’ll probably come up against this a fair amount, once every two or three games we seem to face this set-up. We can see why people use it. This set-up enables you to get the ball from back to front quickly and expose any weak full-backs. This is why it’s a good tactic to use vs Real Madrid which don’t have the strongest full-backs. In terms of attacking they are strong but defensively they aren’t the best so this is an angle many people go for when playing the Spanish outfit from Madrid.



FIFA 16 best formations

FIFA 16 best formations

FIFA Expert’s Recommended work rates:

Right Back – Med / High

Left Back – Med /High

Right CB – Low / High

Left CB – Low / High

Right CDM – Low / High

Left CDM – Low / High

Right CAM – High / Low

Left CAM – High / Low

Right Striker – Med or High / Low

Left Striker – Med or High /Low


Strengths: A huge variety of attacking options with, in effect, a front 4. A very balanced formation and you’ll always find that you have good numbers of players when defending or attacking. This obviously leads to you having lots of viable options when attacking. The 2 CDM’s provide great cover and with 2 hard working full-backs you’re going to be defending with 6 players (plus your GK) which will make you extremely hard to break down.


Weaknesses: The 2 CAM’s will tend to be positioned in wider areas where they more often than not are not suited. They favour central areas which can leave a lack of wide options. Couple this problem with 2 low attacking work rate full-backs and you’re really going to struggle getting any wide play going. If you’re someone who likes to cross the ball in lots then I would suggest avoiding this formation. Another potential problem will be getting caught shot defensively, this is a huge problem if you have CDM’s with high attacking work rates and can lead to a cluster of players in the CAM position which is obviously easier to defend against.


Key player/position: The 2 CDM’s. You can break this formation down into three sections. A front 4, a back 4 and 2 holding midfield men. Obviously the 2 are down on numbers so it is pivotal that you have 2 strong players in that area of the pitch.


Most suited style of play: Medium to fast build-up play. Longer passes to get the ball into the front 4 as quick as possible as there are a lack of numbers in central areas.