FIFA 16 Defending Guide - Defend Effectively

fifa16mall Date: Sep/25/15 05:14:48 Views: 47

In this Fifa 16 defending tutorial you will learn how to defend effectively and a ton of defending tips to make you a better defender. We will take an in-depth look at defending in Fifa 16. 

There are quite a few defending tips that could really elevate your Fifa 16 game.

1.) Stay back

2.) Use CDM

3.) Know the threats

4.) Jockey and Contain

5.) Second Man Press

6.) Clear the ball

7.) Push and Pull

8.) Slide Tackles

9.) Defending Breakaways


Defending in Fifa 16 is slightly easier than previous Fifa games. In Fifa 16 you no longer have to worry much about defending against lobbed through balls or pace. You defenders also tend to react to the ball quicker and get in passing lanes far more frequently. It is still important to follow this guide in order to really improve your Fifa 16 defending, though.


Make sure you stay back with your CBs, make the attackers make the mistake and run into you. Do not try to apply pressure with your CBs. If you want to apply pressure while defending use your CDMs or midfielders.


Constantly know where you are on the pitch and what danger zone you are in. 90% of goals come from the middle of the pitch so protect that at all times. Expect cutbacks and crosses when attackers start going to the outside.


Last but not least: Defending is all about practice. Follow this defending tutorial/tips and you will learn how to defend effectively.