FIFA 16 Encouragement: Daily Gifts and a Free Draft Token

fifa16mall Date: Sep/19/15 14:28:40 Views: 53

To help encourage players to pick up the new FIFA when it comes out on the 24th of September, EA have decided to give all players a daily gift as well as a free draft token to introduce them to the game.


Daily gifts until October the 1st

Daily gifts are nothing new but this year EA have decided to keep them coming until the end of the month so make sure you visit the web app or Companion app every day until the 1st. However dont expect to be getting easy money, they normally consist of a bronze pack or a gold reward pack so be ready to savour the moment if you get the 2,500 coin gift.

Free FUT Draft token

More free items were also given to fans this week as all accounts got given a free FUT Draft token. These tokens are normally found in packs and allows players to redeem it to gain access to a new FUT Draft saving them the 15k or 300 FIFA Points entrance fee. To use the token download the FUT Companion app and build your first draft team from their.