FIFA 16 Licenses: New Teams and Leagues

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The FIFA series has in many players often alone because of the licenses in the lead. Who will select the Bundesliga or the English Premier League with real team and player names and jerseys, can not ignore the football game from EA Sports. What about the licenses in FIFA 16 look like?


Year after year, the makers of EA Sports try to expand the license package to provide even more realism and playfulness. In some cases this falls but also leagues away, as the example of the Brazilian Premier League at the last FIFA offshoot.


FIFA 16 licenses: New leagues, no UEFA CL

Fans of Ronaldinho and Co. can look forward to FIFA 16. Then the Brazilian league is loud Full Fifa be fully licensed again. In addition to its other South American leagues, including Chile. In addition, the FIFA series enters this year completely new ground. After repeatedly found its way to China in recent years, superstars such as Nicolas Anelka, Lucas Barrios or Didier Drogba, to EA Sports and the licenses has now backed by four teams of Chinese CSL. The following teams were already licensed in FIFA Online:


- Shandong Luneng Taishan

- Guizhou Renhe

- Guangzhou Evergrande FC

- Beijing Guoan FC


In addition, there is still hope that the entire top league in China will be available in FIFA16.


FIFA players must refrain, however, again this year on the implementation of the Champions League license. Also Konami has secured rights to the licenses for Champions and Europa League, so its in 2016 PES hunting on the official Champions League trophy can do, while FIFA Players must be possible to put up with a no-name Tournament.


FIFA 16 licenses: the first time women's football

For the first time in the FIFA series you can go well with female players hunting for goals. A total of 12 women's teams are fully licensed and will be available in FIFA16:


- Germany


- France

- Sweden

- England

- Brazil

- Canada

- Australia

- Spain

- China

- Italy

- Mexico


The national team of the detached world champions from Japan, however, is not included in the game.


Rumor is also the NASL, the class under the MLS will find in the US, the way to the FIFA 16 licenses. Those in charge of New York Cosmos, team in the league, but denied a virtual performance of their team. Thus, one should enjoy this rumor initially with caution. The integration of the third division of Germany shall apply to FIFA 16 as unlikely.