FIFA 16 New Features - Defense Improvements

fifa16mall Date: Jul/06/15 09:00:02 Views: 16

Defense in FIFA 16 will become more real this year because EA SPORTS redesign the Defense. Game players no longer rely on it alone to defend but to defense player by moving and to rely on the whole line of defense to prevent the rival offense. 

Quicker Defense

25 improvements have been made by EA Sports based on the defending mechanics of FIFA 15. The improvements allow defensive players to be able to change directions more quickly with greater agility in the more limited space. So there will be more balanced  performances in one on one situations. Gamers will be more confident about the defensive performances with the shorter recovery  time and freer movements.


Defensive AI

Defend together and win together. Defense is critical to winning. In FIFA 16, the new and improved defensive AI will allow gamers to defend more easily by providing gamers with timely help in certain situations in a moderate manner.


Improvements in Player Interception

EA Sports has made improvements in player interception, allowing gamers to have a more realistic feel to the intercepting moves. With a brand new interception system, gamers are able to control the glide distance of defensive players. If your player makes a mistake when intercepting or if the opponent manages to break, your player can get up off the ground and continues to put a pressure on the opponents.

With this new system, you can certainly use it to confuse the opponents. When the opponent is ready to center the ball, your player can force him to move differently by performing a fake slide tackle, so as to break the opponent's opportunities.


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