FIFA 16 New Features - Midfield Control

fifa16mall Date: Jul/06/15 08:51:43 Views: 27

Your control of the midfielder is crucial to the result of the game. Midfielders will play a very important role in FIFA 16. The game will come with two innovative features allowing you to take better control of the game.


Smarter teammates means a better product on the pitch. New interception logic helps your AI players better anticipate passes and move to shut down options. This will affect both the attack and defense. When your team is in possession of the ball, players will react faster and find space to create passing opportunities. In defence, players help to cover open spaces and look to avoid being caught out of position.


Midfield play will also alter the pace of a match and create a more considered and authentic experience. Teams will find and look to take advantage of open spaces, letting you build a strong attack through the middle of the pitch.


Interception Intelligence can be adjusted in Player Instructions so you can control how aggressive your players are on the ball. You are in complete control of build-up play in midfield. 



FIFA 16 introduces a new passing mechanic that will allow players to make sharp, incisive passes that find teammates with precision. Using a new button mechanic, ping driven ground passes to find teammates in tight spaces and open up your attacking options. Passing with Purpose balances Interception Intelligence to create a real football experience of risk/reward when moving the ball. 


Whether you are a fan of passing control or defense and counterattack, FIFA 16 new features will help you in both attack and defense. Better control of the better allows you to more easily score a challenging goal. More fifa 16 guides all in