FIFA 16 Player Rating Predictions: Premier League

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It's improtant to know top players rating who are in each league, with Ultimate Team selections jumping to the front of everyone’s mind when it comes to FIFA 16.

The Premier League is stacked with talent again this year, with a few exciting additions and notable departures sure to have an impact on FIFA 16 when it is launched in the coming weeks, but who will form the elite group of players at the very top of the league ratings? So here’s the top 10.


10. Juan Mata – 85

Juan Mata may be a surprising inclusion to the list but the midfielder is a classy customer in midfield, and has been criminally overlooked for too long by Louis Van Gaal.

The Dutchman has tried various options including Adnan Januzaj in the No.10 role, and claims he wants that player to be more of a ‘second striker’ as opposed to a midfielder. This has seen Mata starved of consistent football, though based on sheer quality, he’d walk into virtually any side in the Premier League. He was an 85 on FIFA 15, and based on his talent, he deserves to stay there.


9. Vincent Kompany – 85

Vincent Kompany is a monstrous footballer on his day. A natural-born leader, a rock-solid defender, and a thoroughly nice guy in the process.

He hasn’t quite lived up to his form during Manchester City’s last title winning season, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t arguably the best defender in the Premier League. His strength and height are massive plus points on FIFA, and with Nicolas Otamendi signing from Valencia, he has a worthy defensive partner. 85 is a fair rating.


8. Mesut Ozil – 85

Mesut Ozil could maybe fall into the Juan Mata category. He’s a tremendous player with enormous technical ability but endured a rough patch, dipping in and out of form and ultimately the first team.

But now Ozil is turning the style on and has cemented a place in Arsene Wenger’s starting XI on a regular basis. His touch, technique, skill, and control are without question, although he admits freely that he should be scoring more goals. Ozil was rated exceptionally highly at 86, so a point drop isn’t knocking his ability in the slightest, it’s just where he should be at. However, if he can inspire Arsenal throughout an entire season, the sky’s the limit.


7. Yaya Toure – 85

Yaya Toure is arguably the most effective Premier League central midfielder of this decade. Can you name another? The hulking figure of Toure will haunt the nightmares of top flight defenders AND attackers.

He proved he could play the holding role in midfield, but Toure is at his finest when marauding forward. He has exceptional footwork considering his size, and can unleash a rocket upon command. He was badly off-form for long spells last season meaning he should drop from 86, but his early season performances have suggested the old Toure has swaggered back into town. 85.


6. Diego Costa – 86

Diego Costa made one of the most remarkable first impressions in Premier League history when he bagged 7 goals in his first 4 games in the country.

He maintained his goal flow consistently throughout the season barring a minor, early-2015 drought, and became the controversial, hot-headed, rage-fuelled striker the English top flight has lacked. He brought character to the pitch. He may not be quite as rapid or tricky as some of the Premier League’s other top players, but he’s certainly one of the top natural goalscorers around. His no-nonsense style should help him earn an 86 rating.


5. Thibaut Courtois – 86

Chelsea won the league at a canter last season, and while Costa’s goals grabbed the headlines, Thibaut Courtois provided a solid base for the rest of the team to function upon.

He arrived at the club with a stellar reputation, and even unseated Petr Cech between the sticks. That’s not an easy feat for anybody let alone a young stopper ready for his debut season in England. He was a commanding presence for Chelsea and will need to be on top form this season if they are to challenge once more after a shaky start. Courtois should stick at 86.


4. David Silva – 87

David Silva is now part of the Premier League furniture, so much so that he probably doesn’t get the same level of wide praise as his rivals because he’s simply expected to be a slick cog in the machine.

The diminutive Spanish midfielder has incredible close control, with the ball latching onto his feet when bursting forward. He creates and thrives with other top players around him, and is enjoying a rich vein of form to start the season with 1 goal and 3 assists to his name after 3 games. At 29, Silva is probably enjoying his peak right now, but he should age seamlessly. His class is permanent, and his 87 rating should be too.


3. Alexis Sanchez – 87

Alexis Sanchez was the exact signing Arsenal (and Arsene Wenger) needed to make and he certainly did not disappoint. The Chilean international made a brave move to leave Barcelona, but his new side will be glad he did.

The forward had a hot season for the Gunners including a 12 goals in a 14 game streak. He jolted Arsenal into a race for second behind Chelsea but he really deserves more than just competing at the top. He’s good enough for any side in the Premier League comfortably, now there’s a responsibility on Arsenal’s defence to hold up their end of the deal and provide a firm foundation for flair players like Sanchez. He deserves a boost from 84 to 87.


2. Eden Hazard – 89

Eden Hazard is simply unplayable on his day, and those times do come around fairly often. With lightening feet and sharp technique, he’d zig-zag his way into any team in the world without ever looking back.

And he’s still young. At 24, there’s still a feeling he’s still in fourth gear, a prospect that is incredibly exciting and terrifying in equal measure, for Chelsea fans too. Of course it’s fantastic for them to see Hazard improving year-on-year, but if he keeps progressing and Barcelona ever need a replacement for Lionel Messi, they’ll know exactly which player can step up to fill his boots. That’s not even a joke, Hazard could be an even more sensational talent in the future. 89 will do for now though.


1. Sergio Aguero – 90

Hazard is technically astounding, and he’s rightfully lauded for it. Sergio Aguero has been hammering in the goals since the moment he stepped through the door at Manchester City yet stunningly hasn’t received the same level of attention as some of the other strikers who have came and gone.

He is the best frontman in the Premier League, and in terms of out-and-out strikers, there’s a very, very strong case to be made for him being the absolute best. For me, Zlatan Ibrahimovic held the title for a spell, but now it’s a straight shootout between Aguero and Barcelona’s Luis Suarez. Both are phenomenal, and both have absolutely shredded the Premier League. Aguero’s goal stats for City stand at 108 goals in 166 games. To put that into context, Suarez played 160 games and recorded 82 goals…

Sergio Aguero should get the recognition he deserves, starting with a monster FIFA rating. 90.