FIFA 16 Players Rating Predicting - Barcelona

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FIFA 16 is just a few months from release too, and the popular UItimate Team game mode is set for a return with some updated features and of course, new ratings cards for thousands of players. There’s no question about it: Barcelona are the best team on the planet at the moment. And with that in mind, this article will make a prediction of the FUT scorecard of every Barcelona player set to represent them in next year’s game. 


Well, except one. Alex Song (still on their books at the time of publishing) doesn’t feature, since he’s 99% certain to be sold over the course of the summer.


From lowest to highest we go...

24. Jordi Masip – 70

FIFA 15 FUT Rating – 70

With just two appearances in all competitions for the club last season, there’s no point expecting too much of change in the rating of third-choice goalkeeper Jordi Masip.

The 26-year-old club youth product is firmly behind Claudio Bravo and Marc-Andre ter Stegen in the pecking order.


23. Douglas – 72

FIFA 15 FUT Rating – N/A

Brazilian right back Douglas was signed under somewhat puzzling circumstances by Barcelona last summer, and his apparent lack in quality told last year as he made just five appearances overall.

He may make his FUT debut next year at around the 70 mark, though could well find himself out on loan.


22. Sandro Ramirez – 73

FIFA 15 FUT Rating – N/A

Sandro Ramirez’s 150-odd minutes of La Liga football last year should be enough to see him introduced into FUT16. He played twice in the Copa del Rey and thrice in the Champions League winning-run too.

As a rule of thumb, he could come in at around the same level as Munir El-Haddadi – another forward highly rated from the youth system.


21. Munir – 74

FIFA 15 FUT Rating – 71

Talking of Munir, he should come in for a bump from last year’s 71 rating. Munir broke in to the team last season and showed great promise, though his momentum dropped off when Luis Suarez returned from his biting ban.

The Spaniard should remain a silver player, but a good one at that.


20. Sergi Roberto – 75

FIFA 15 FUT Rating – 75

Sergi Roberto’s future at Barcelona is in a little bit of doubt at the moment, with Everton reportedly keen to take him on.

The youngster is a squad player, though could get some more playing time next season given the departure of Xavi and the transfer ban that still looms.

However, he’s not expected to stick around much once that’s concluded.


19. Adriano – 76

FIFA 15 FUT Rating – 76

Utility defender Adriano is in his 30’s now, and his days at Camp Nou might well be numbered.

Mind you, it’s not bad being a squad player for a team that wins everything, is it? No change is expected in this case.


18. Marc Bartra – 77

FIFA 15 FUT Rating – 76

Though he’s been linked with a move away, Marc Bartra’s status as a Barcelona squad member will likely remain for the time being. 

He made 14 league appearances last season and while he’s a central defensive understudy, he may have done enough for a ratings bump.


17. Thomas Vermaelen – 78

FIFA 15 FUT Rating – 79

Poor Thomas Vermaelen got his hands on a Champions League winners’ medal in Berlin, only to see it taken off him because he failed to appear in the competition last season.

His long-term injury means his FIFA rating won’t change too much, though given he’s getting on a bit it wouldn’t be a surprise to see it drop slightly.


16. Aleix Vidal – 78

FIFA 15 FUT Rating – 75

Barcelona’s only summer signing so far (at the time of writing this) is former Sevilla man Aleix Vidal. He can only though play for the Catalans from January… so what’s he going to do in the mean time?

Erm… maybe he’ll be included on FUT? Though he’s technically not… Uh. Okay, no idea. 

If he appears, he may have done enough with Sevilla last season to earn himself a high-70’s card. 78 seems appropriate.


15. Rafinha – 80

FIFA 15 FUT Rating – 78

Thiago Alcantara’s little brother did pretty well in terms of fitting himself in last season. He made 24 La Liga appearances, and though he only chalked up one goal and one assist, he could be a handy player to have next term too.

His contributions could see him break the 80 barrier on FUT, since the majority of Barcelona’s players are bloody good.


14. Jeremy Mathieu – 80

FIFA 15 FUT Rating – 81

There were more than a few eyebrows raised last summer when Luis Enrique signed the rather unfashionable Jeremy Mathieu from Valencia, but he proved a solid purchase over the season.

He stepped in to add a goal threat from set plays and help Barcelona become more physical – and dependable defensively. His season was good, so he could come in for an increase.


13. Marc-Andre ter Stegen – 82

FIFA 15 FUT Rating – 82

Champions League goalkeeper Marc-Andre ter Stegen appears to fancy himself as a Manuel Neuer Mk.II, given his ventures out of goal with Barcelona last season. But he proved a good purchase.

He’s not quite on Neuer’s level yet – in fact he’s quite far off in FIFA ratings – but there’s promise there for the German. 


12. Pedro – 82

FIFA 15 FUT Rating – 83

Having seen his frequent first team opportunities cut by the arrival of Luis Suarez, Pedro Rodriguez is in a tough position. He may need to move in order to get first team football, because he’s now a bonafide squad player at Camp Nou.

His influence was a little limited last season, though he’s still a big threat from the bench and when rotated in. His rating could drop slightly though this year.


11. Jordi Alba – 83

FIFA 15 FUT Rating – 81

There aren’t many better left backs in the world at the moment than Jordi Alba. He’s the epitome of the modern full back – quick, agile, steady and fit – but his desire to attack is perhaps his best quality.

By some estimations he was a little underrated on FIFA 15, but given his successful year he deserves to be ranked a peg or two higher. 


10. Dani Alves – 83

FIFA 15 FUT Rating – 83

For a while at the end of last season, it really looked as though Dani Alves was set to say goodbye to Barcelona. However, despite speculation over a move to the Premier League and Italy, he signed a new deal and will play out most of his remaining days at Camp Nou.

Alves isn’t the player he once was, but given the team’s success last season and his own contribution, a downgrade may be a little unfair.


9. Javier Mascherano – 83

FIFA 15 FUT Rating – 83

Though not your typical centre half, Javier Mascherano has kept his place in the Barcelona team alongside Gerard Pique in recent years. 

The Argentinian is still at the peak of his career and his FUT rating should reflect that next year.


8. Claudio Bravo – 84

FIFA 15 FUT Rating – 83

Fresh off the back of winning the Copa America with Chile and an excellent debut season with Barcelona, Claudio Bravo can expect an increase in his rating in this year’s FUT.

He played in 37 league games for Barcelona in 2014/15, and remarkably only conceded 19 goals. That’s much to do with the team in front of him, but Bravo himself shouldn’t be overlooked for his performances.


7. Gerard Pique – 85

FIFA 15 FUT Rating – 84

Former Manchester United defender Gerard Pique had a difficult time under Luis Enrique at the start of last season, but after being dropped he eventually won his place back and got right back into top form.

Winning everything with the best team in the world, married to Shakira and an 85 rating on FUT 16. The stuff of dreams, right?


6. Ivan Rakitic – 86

FIFA 15 FUT Rating – 83

Perhaps one of the most drastic ratings increases in Barcelona’s FUT squad next year will come the way of Ivan Rakitic. He was a complete revelation after signing from Sevilla and netted the crucial opening goal in the Champions League final. 

With Xavi’s departure and the Croatian’s great form, perhaps the sizeable bump will come his way. Rakitic is certainly no weak link.


5. Sergio Busquets – 86

FIFA 15 FUT Rating – 85

When he’s not rolling around on the floor after being tapped on the shoulder, Sergio Busquets is actually a damn good player. He’s key to Barcelona’s midfield and adds vital balance.

Busquets is just entering the peak of his career now you’d think, and with the success of last season his rating could be enhanced. 


4. Neymar – 88

FIFA 15 FUT Rating – 86

Even after his Copa America meltdown, Neymar should be upgraded to one of FUT’s top-rated players come the new release. 

He enjoyed a scintillating season in a Barcelona shirt last term, scoring 22 La Liga goals and an excellent 39 in all competitions.

Neymar is only going to get better too, so that’s a scary thought.


3. Andres Iniesta – 90

FIFA 15 FUT Rating – 89

Andres Iniesta is now the true king of Barcelona’s midfield following the departure of best friend and long-time team mate, Xavi Hernandez. While he doesn’t notch up much in the way of goal and assist statistics, he’s completely crucial to this side.

His performances last season could well earn the 31-year-old a 90-card on FUT 16.


2. Luis Suarez – 90

FIFA 15 FUT Rating – 89

What a turnaround it’s been for Luis Suarez over the last year. After bite-gate part 3 and a subsequent four-month football ban, he made his way to Barcelona to enjoy an incredible second half of the season.

Times were tough for the Uruguayan as he looked to fit in upon his return, but the club’s front three are now working in tandem and Suarez is reaping the benefits – as proven by his 25 goals in all competitions and 24 assists to boot in 2014/15.

Like Iniesta, you’d expect Suarez to break the 90 barrier.


1. Lionel Messi – 94

FIFA 15 FUT Rating – 94

Head and shoulders above the rest, yet again.

Lionel Messi’s standard is out of this world. He hit 58 goals in 57 games last season (with 31 assists, too) and with all the club trophies he had to go with it, you’d think he’s a shoo-in to take his fifth Ballon d’Or in January. 

He’s already ridiculously good on FIFA though, but just how high can he be upgraded?! Maybe an increase will come his way but it may be safer to say he stays with his mediocre, average 94 card. What a player.