FIFA 16 Players Rating Predicting - Man City

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Though after a number of disappointing displays in 2014/15, Manchester City’s players are due to take a collaborative hit on the new version of FIFA Ultimate Team when it arrives with September’s FIFA 16 release. There’s obviously one or two exceptions to the rule – looking at you, Sergio Aguero – but generally Manchester City’s team as a whole has declined since they last lifted the title.

And with Ultimate Team in mind, this article will look at each player poised to feature in the Manchester City squad next season. It will attempt to predict the individual rating each player will receive from the FIFA game-gods, taking into account performances from last season, and each player’s FUT card from last term.


Raheem Sterling arrived in time to make the cut, but just be aware that this article was published mid-transfer window. There may well be some players who leave – and some who arrive – compared to this list by the start of September.


Anyway, here’s a list of 25 players, ordered from lowest potential rating to highest.

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25. Devante Cole – 60

FIFA 15 FUT Rating – 57

When you’re the son of legendary Premier League striker Andy Cole, there’s going to be a little pressure on you to live up to expectation. 

Devante Cole is trying to do so, and bagged ten goals while out on loan in League One last season. His rating should come up for a boost ahead of FIFA 16, though odds are he’s going to have to make his name with another team.


24. Jose Pozo – 63

FIFA 15 FUT Rating – 56

If there’s one young attacking player in the City ranks closest to the first team, it’s probably Jose Pozo. He made three appearances last season for the senior team and is as highly-rated as any of his young counterparts.

He didn’t really get too much of a chance to show his skills, but did score in a 7-0 win over Sheffield Wednesday in the Capital One Cup. A rating gain should be on its way.


23. Marcos Lopes – 68

FIFA 15 FUT Rating – 65

Perhaps Marcos Lopes will get more of a chance this season. He spent last term out on loan with Lille, playing regularly in the French top division. City hope he’ll come back more prepared for first team action this year.

Lopes hasn’t shown enough yet to enter the 70’s ratings, but he’s got to take his chance when it’s given to him.


22. Bruno Zuculini – 73

FIFA 15 FUT Rating – 73

Unfortunately, things didn’t go to plan for Bruno Zuculini last year. His loan spell at Valencia turned out to be a failure, while he couldn’t stop Cordoba finishing well adrift at the bottom of La Liga in the second half of the season.

His rating will stay the same for FIFA 16 – at best.


21. Jason Denayer – 74

FIFA 15 FUT Rating – 64

The most drastic rating improvement among the City ranks has to be coming towards Jason Denayer.

He impressed on loan at Celtic last year, he’s already got three international caps for Belgium and he’s just signed a new five-year deal at the Etihad. 

So expect him to be a solid silver player at least, and you’ll be seeing much more of him in the Premier League next year.


20. Aleksandar Kolarov – 78

FIFA 15 FUT Rating – 78

Though he’s got a wand of a left foot, Aleksandar Kolarov isn’t the world-beating left back Manchester City want to have. 

His FIFA rating has stagnated somewhat, just as his career at the Etihad has done.

It’s going to be another modest rating here, you’d think.


19. Willy Caballero – 78

FIFA 15 FUT Rating – 79

Though he threatened to take his place upon arrival, Willy Caballero is now well and truly Joe Hart’s understudy. 

He made just two Premier League appearances in his debut season, and a lack of match practice could bring down his FIFA rating a tad.


18. Bacary Sagna – 78

FIFA 15 FUT Rating – 80

What was the point of Bacary Sagna moving to Manchester City again?

Way to flush your first team career down the toilet. Great effort. FIFA disapproves.


17. Fernando – 79

FIFA 15 FUT Rating – 79

It was a lacklustre debut season from former Porto midfielder Fernando at Manchester City, wasn’t it?

The team was limp, but the Brazilian failed to inspire with his own performances. This rating should be standing still at the very best.


16. Eliaquim Mangala – 79

FIFA 15 FUT Rating – 80

Shaky, erratic, nervous, uninspiring. There’s a long list of negatives we can use to describe Eliaquim Mangala’s first season in sky blue. 

Waste of money? We’ll see. 

But while his rating may drop this year, the Frenchman has the bare essentials to be a dominant Premier League defender. Lets hope he starts putting the pieces together.


15. Gael Clichy – 79

FIFA 15 FUT Rating – 80

Even Gael Clichy isn’t living up to the promise he showed at Arsenal. 

It doesn’t help that he’s an interchangeable (and not cast-iron first choice) full back, but you’d still expect to see more.

The Frenchman’s rating could take a hit after a disappointing season all round.


14. Martin Demichelis – 79

FIFA 15 FUT Rating – 79

Though age is working against him, Martin Demichelis was arguably City’s best defender last season.

 The Argentinian is experienced and (usually) kept his head while others around him were losing theirs.

That’s not to say he was outstanding, but his performance should solidify his standing as a 79 player.


13. Stevan Jovetic – 80

FIFA 15 FUT Rating – 82

If you’re looking for another promising player who failed miserably at Manchester City, cast your eye on Stevan Jovetic. 

It’s in his best interests – and the club’s – that they sell him this summer.

Nothing worked out last season, and on FIFA 16 he’ll be lucky to cling on to his status as an 80 player.


12. Jesus Navas – 80

FIFA 15 FUT Rating – 83

Will this ever end? 

Jesus Navas is another Manchester City player who just needs to pack his bags and leave.

The Spanish winger is one-dimensional, and while he has some ludicrous pace to burn, that’s about all he’s shown from his locker over the last year or so. Drastic rating dip coming.


11. Fernandinho – 81

FIFA 15 FUT Rating – 82

While Fernandinho doesn’t look a £30m player, not too many footballers do nowadays. He’s a good Premier League midfielder, but not a man who steps up when he’s most needed.

His influence is perhaps limited given Manuel Pellegrini persists with a 4-4-2, complete with an irresponsible Yaya Toure alongside the Brazilian. 

He can’t do it on his own. But his rating is set to suffer as a result of some managerial deficiencies.


10. Raheem Sterling – 81

FIFA 15 FUT Rating – 80

Raheem Sterling’s future is finally sorted out, and he’s finally a Manchester City player. It’s going to cost the Blues no less than £49m.

Sterling is highly-rated, and in his new strip will likely come in for a slight increase in his FUT score – even though few would argue he deserves one. 

The England man has potential and that promise has been made into such a big deal this year.


9. Edin Dzeko – 81

FIFA 15 FUT Rating – 83

Though a proven Premier League goalscorer, Edin Dzeko is a tad lazy, and doesn’t offer enough when matches are tight. 

Rumour has it that he could be off to Roma this summer, and it may well be the right time.

The Bosnian’s rating should be falling, wherever he ends up.


8. Wilfried Bony – 82

FIFA 15 FUT Rating – 81

Hopefully big Wilfried Bony will get more of a chance to show his abilities next season. 

City signed the Ivorian for big money in January, only to consign him to long spells on the bench.

He’s City’s second choice striker now, and his rating should reflect that.


7. Pablo Zabaleta – 82

FIFA 15 FUT Rating – 83 (Updated card)

While he shone for City in their last title winning season, even Pablo Zabaleta’s performances were questionable as City slumped through the most recent campaign.

He’s still one of the league’s best full backs though, and an 82 card for FUT 16 sounds about right.


6. Samir Nasri – 83

FIFA 15 FUT Rating – 84

One of the league’s most talented attacking players just hasn’t reached the heights he’s famous for over the last year. It’s been a little hit and miss for Samir Nasri.

He could well be back next season though, even while Raheem Sterling has been brought in. A slight ratings chop should come his way, but nothing too hefty.


5. Joe Hart – 85

FIFA 15 FUT Rating – 83

Down to a real positive, at last. Joe Hart proved last year that he’s still one of the best goalkeepers in the country, and a swift ratings upturn needs to be bestowed upon him. 

Remember that performance in Barcelona?!

The England number 1 has remarkable reflexes, and he’s going to remain bloody difficult to score past in FUT.


4. Yaya Toure – 85

FIFA 15 FUT Rating – 86

When Yaya Toure feels like playing, he’ll outplay you. If he doesn’t he’s a liability. Is it really that simple?

Well, Manuel Pellegrini needs to realise that Toure is not a defensively responsible midfielder. Since he’s staying on this season, it’s time to get some security behind the Ivorian and to let him do what he’s good at.

He didn’t do the good stuff often enough last season though.


3. Vincent Kompany – 85

FIFA 15 FUT Rating – 86

Vincent Kompany did not have a good year last term. But you know what they say – form is temporary, class is… blah blah, you get the drift.

Though his rating deserves a trim, he’s still one of the best centre backs in the country and he’ll be back stronger next year.


2. David Silva – 87

FIFA 15 FUT Rating – 87

Little Spanish magician David Silva never loses his edge, even while players around him are failing to deliver. He’s a consistent threat and a genius on the ball.

Silva’s 87 card will continue to make him one of the top rated players in the league on FUT 16.


1. Sergio Aguero – 88

FIFA 15 FUT Rating – 87 (Updated card)

PURE. CLASS. What a player. 

Sergio Aguero is the best centre forward in the country by a mile. And despite injury problems last season, he proved his quality yet again with 26 Premier League goals and six in the Champions League – including one memorable hat-trick against Bayern Munich.


Aguero deserves to move among the cream of the crop on FIFA 16, because he’s simply that good. If he can stay fit all season next year, City have a big chance of silverware no matter how the team play.


Have we been a little too harsh on Manchester City here? Or have their players been brought into line with reality? Sergio Aguero is damn good too, isn’t he?