FIFA 16 Price Range Idea - Wouldn't Happen but Could Work

fifa16mall Date: Jul/13/15 11:06:57 Views: 47

How would you feel if EA made unlimited numbers of each player available on the market, I bring up a idea where you couldn't actually sell players you would buy them direct from EA from a catalogue sort of thing but you could trade with other players.

EA would need to make sure they got the prices of players right first time, and deal with anyone who looked to be doing anything shady quickly and harshly to show its not worth trying.


This means the only way to get who you want is to:


1. play enough games to buy him with saved fifa coins.

2. get lucky and pull him in a pack.

3. trade with someone who needs someone you have.


I don't think it would happen but I think it could work - get any player anytime as long as you could afford him or had something that someone else wanted.