FIFA 16 Shooting Tutorial - Long Shots

fifa16mall Date: Oct/27/15 10:39:37 Views: 36

The key to a successful long shot in FIFA 16 is threatening and allows you to score from distance is aim and momentum. The likelihood of you scoring a long shot with no momentum or space is very slim. In order to be successful and score from distance you must have space in front of you and hit the ball in stride. Timing is everything and if you don’t hit the ball in stride and will not get past the keepr.

To increase your chances of scoring a long shot, use players with the long shot trait. Those players have increased power and accuracy with their long shots and are far more likely to score from far. If you plan on taking finesse long shots, use players with the finesse shot trait to help with accuracy and power as well.


Aiming is key to long shots as well. Many players believe you aim right before the shot or during, but aiming mostly occurs on your final touches. Make sure, with you final touches, to square up you should with the far corner so the ball goes there. Play with the amount of power so it hits the top corner and is a really threatening shot on goal. The more power the higher and faster the ball goes, be careful though because too much power and it won’t be close. 


The best way to successfully aim a long shot and score is by making a diagonal run. That way before the shot your shoulders are squared with the top corner of the net. If you are going to take a cross body shot, make sure to apply more power and really focus on aiming and adding spin to the ball after the shot.