FIFA 16: Top 10 Premier League Player Rankings

fifa16mall Date: Sep/01/15 17:35:20 Views: 23

FIFA 16 demo will coming us soon.... good news for football fans who are eagerly awaiting the release of the title. Take his sickness patiently is the best thing to do, provided you have the nerves well hung! For its part, Coca-Cola Happiness Gaming Club handles as it can and scan the net looking for information crispy. Needless to remind you that we are at present great regulars and experts of the Top 10 rankings famous to make predictions before the final release of EA Sports Thurs. Today we will look at one of championships than any football fan needs to follow: the Premier League! The English will be part of the game and it is high time to issue you yet another Top 10, this time dedicated to the best players of this prestigious championship. Let's go!

10. Juan Mata (85)

9. Vincent Kompany (85)

Mesut Ozil 8. (85)

7. Yaya Toure (85)

6. Diego Costa (86)

5. Thibaut Courtois (86)

4. David Silva (87)

3. Alexis Sanchez (87)

2. Eden Hazard (89)

1. Sergio Aguero (90)


For those of you who are not aware, the Premier League is the most important football competition in England. This is from August until the following May, the annual event that takes place and where each club (twenty participants in total) compete each 38 games. The best players so engaged battle beginning with those mentioned above in our Top 10. Do not miss the way our Top 10 players who can dominate unexpected FIFA 16! The cream custard ... yes it is a nice pun ... is present and it especially hurts at the top 3. The third place goes to the Chilean Alexis Sanchez, slightly ahead of the excellent environment offensive Eden Hazard. The Belgian midfielder Chelsea grabs 2nd place here, not surprisingly in view of his score of 89. 1 which puts everyone agrees Argentine Sergio Aguero is! From his score of 90, the Manchester City striker is currently considered the best player in the Premier League. The most surprising in all this is the absence of the great Wayne Rooney, not appearing in this ranking. And yes, get out the handkerchiefs ... the Manchester United striker is missing. Maybe we'll find him another Top 10, you never know ... Anyway, we look forward to start the championship on FIFA 16 from 24 September. Do you agree with this Top 10 of the best players in the Premier League?