FIFA 16 Will Feature Vanishing Spray During Set Pieces

fifa16mall Date: Aug/11/15 05:33:52 Views: 48

EA Sports announced Wednesday that FIFA 16 will show referees using vanishing spray during set pieces. The tool, which had been used in competitive football by the likes of MLS for a few years now, gained more widespread visibility (and snark) last year. The 2014 World Cup in Brazil featured the spray, bringing people together as only the World Cup can as millions of people raised their voices in unison to say, “what the heck is THAT?” Vanishing spray or vanishing foam is a substance applied to football field by referees in order to provide a temporary visual marker. In real football, referees use the vanishing spray to enforce the rules as to the minimum distance that defending team’s players must remain from the ball during a free kick, as well as the spot from which the kick is taken.


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And now it will be featured in FIFA 16 as part of a series of aesthetic tweaks in order to create an “authentic match day experience.” Other details include graphic overlays that replicate broadcasts for Premier League and Bundesliga matches, a wider variety of weather conditions and times of day during games, new goal celebrations, an expanded selection of crowd chants, and something called “Story Of The Season” in which in-game commentators will “remark on key storylines, including notable player or team performances, big player debuts, and transfer rumours.”


As a result, let us relive a few of the vanishing spray's classic moments.