First FIFA 16 FUT Draft Disconnect Issues

fifa16mall Date: Oct/03/15 23:07:30 Views: 42

We certainly have been enjoying FUT Draft considering that the start involving FIFA 16 in addition to adoring any small of it until now, in the nuts company roster titles because of the actual amazing benefits whenever you win all four games.

However, we know that some of you have been having some issues with it – specifically FIFA 16 FUT Draft disconnect problems when playing online.

Playing the online mode is rumored to yield greater rewards, but it also comes with the risk of losing those rewards if you get disconnected from FUT Draft constantly.

This is obviously a major headache when you have just spent 15,000 fifa coins or 300 FIFA Points to enter – as you end up with nothing or a lesser reward for a match you clearly would have won.

As far as we’re aware, EA has not issued a general statement on this – but they really should as it is happening to a lot of users at the moment, regardless of internet connection speed.