How To Become A Good Madden 18 Shutdown Defender

fifa16mall Date: Apr/28/18 10:52:25 Views: 62
In Madden NFL 18, controlling the pace of the game and hurling touchdowns is extremely fun, but playing defense also presents unique and amazing moments. Do you want to become a good shutdown defender? Having enough NFL 18 coins and view this article seriously.
Choosing plays
The question is: How do you decide which defensive plays to pick? In football, it's the offense's job to keep the defense guessing, and if you are playing a quality opponent, it can be quite difficult to guess your opponent's next move. Luckily, there is a basic formula that many Madden players will use on offense, though, which will help you decide which plays to pick on defense.
Madden NFL 18
On first down, an offense is free to pass or run the ball. We've found success using a zone blitz play on first down protects against the run while putting pressure on the quarterback.
If you stop the offense on first down, creating a second and long situation (5+ yards), we like to transition to pure zone coverage. 
On third and long, we like to either continue using pass-focused zone defense plays, or go for an all-out blitz. Putting a lot of defensive backs on the field to protect against the inevitable pass play is the safe play, but putting intense pressure on the QB in a tense situation like third and long is rarely a bad move. 
Unlike when calling plays on offense, we think you should avoid changing your play calling up too much on defense. We rely almost solely on zone coverage, blitzing, and plays that combine the two. You will find man coverage plays in your playbook, but we've found zone coverage to be the more dominant approach.
Blitzing the QB
When a QB drops back to pass or when he hands the ball off to a running back, your main priority should be to take him down the ball carrier. Remember, even on obvious pass plays, you will have at least a few defensive linemen. We prefer to control a lineman at the start of the play, letting the computer AI stick with the receivers and tight ends at first.
DefendIing the pass
You aren't always going to break through the line on a pass play. Often, a QB will get the ball off. With the ball in the air, press O (B) to automatically switch to a defender in the area of the pass target. There are three viable approaches to playing defense once a pass is in the air: 
1) Play the receiver: If it's a short pass and won't lead to a first down, your best bet is to play the receiver. Press X (A) to tell your defender to go in for the tackle right when the ball reaches its target. This leads to minimal yards after the catch.
2) Ball Hawk: If the pass has a lot of velocity and you have time to get in front of it, playing for the interception is a good move. Look for where the ball will land, and press Triangle (Y) to go for the pick.
3) Swat: If you don't think you will be in good position to pick off the pass, you might still be able to get a hand on it. Press Square (X) to swat the ball down.