How to Get Cheapest FIFA 16 Preorder Prices

fifa16mall Date: Aug/21/15 21:07:54 Views: 35


FIFA 16 is getting much closer now, so we've rounded up the best prices for you on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Sure, we'd like them to be lower, but EA's footy series seems to hold its price very well around launch, so this may be as good as it gets. Still on the fence about FIFA 16? EA Sports release another trailer for you entitled Sights and Sounds, which goes into detail about Stadium as background, vanishing spray, new celebrations, team specific chants and more.


FIFA 16 on PS4 - £39.64

FIFA 16 on Xbox One - £39.64

Digital copies*

FIFA 16 on Xbox One - £36.09

FIFA 16 on PC - £24.69


*To get a 5% discount, go to the retailer's Facebook page and click the link. You don't have to enter an email address, just enter any text and press enter for a code.