Intuitively Understand the 11 New FIFA 16 Features

fifa16mall Date: Jun/27/15 10:54:35 Views: 28

fifa 16 feature

Personal Defense:

-There are 25 to change on the defensive agility by EA

-Increase the ability of Player control and marking;

-After a missed tackle there will be a more rapid response;

-To rebuilt player speed and acceleration of "rebalancing";


On the integrity of the defense:

-Defensive player on Defense has looked more like a person, rather than feeling of stunned;

-Player defensive awareness and a response is strengthened;

-Floor coverage and positioning to be reset;

-Player complement preventive awareness for hazardous areas have been strengthened;



-Redesigned the steals and slide tackles;

-Tackle the distance will be longer than FIFA 15;

-The Steal action will be more real;

-If the ball is in the air you can steal and poked the ball away;

-Press the x key to cancel the action of slide tackles;

-The game has "shovel" new actions, can be used to induce players to attack;



-Strengthen the goalkeeper's intelligent;

-Better than FIFA 15 goalkeeper

-Added a lot of goalkeepers;


About midfield interception:

-The player can be set through intercepts instructions to intercept the initiative to stop opposing players out of the track;

-Intercept values different players would decide whether he could do better at this point;



-RB+A key combinations can accelerate the speed of ball;

-In a small space can also spread within easy;

-Combine-passes to player speed, there be any mistake will result in the ball;


No touching the ball dribbling:

-No ball dribble dribble is a new type, allow you to not make body movements when touching the ball;

-Increase freedom of the game;

-LB + RT combo key to make non-ball dribbling;

-To see Messi show in beating Bilbao...


On the crossing:

-Results of crosses has changed, are to players before uploading, now go to "location";

-Competition for players more, rather than standing still;

-Crosses maybe will be more dangerous;

-Added a lot of new cross;



-The effect of shooting more diversification, after shooting the ball flight path depending on the foot ball position and have the corresponding effect.

-Remake the volley shooting action;


About the game:

-New player models, models are different between different players;

-Players on the pitch will be more "attention" the trajectory of the ball;

-Added a free kick spray;

-New texture model players faces look not plastic;

-Added two weather types of fog and mist;

-Long hair can be seen on the Court;

-FIFA 16 joined the "top bottom";

-Added other celebrations;


On the coaching system:

-A new model of teaching;

-If you are a beginner, you can use this mode to learn how to play FIFA, if it is veteran can be turned off with the RS button;

-Coach system is divided into different levels, with different levels of skills learned are different;

-Technical challenge mode is more extensive;