List of All FIFA 16 Clubs With Lots of Gold Players

fifa16mall Date: Oct/04/15 17:26:03 Views: 28

How many Gold players are in a club is really important when you play Ultimate Team or Career mode in FIFA 16, besides, how many other Gold players are in a club is also important when you are trying to sell whilst in Career Mode it can help to pick a club with a large number of gold players if you want a strong side.

Ultimately, it’s also just interesting to see which clubs have the most and when we looked into it we were surprised by the clubs who were in the top bracket. It is quickly clear that the number of golds doesn’t necessarily directly correlate to the average rating of the squad, with some of the highest average squad ratings not featuring high for goals. Here is the list of all the clubs on FIFA 16 with the highest number of gold players.

Clubs with 23 gold players

AS Roma


Real Madrid

Manchester United




Clubs with 22 gold players

Borussia Dortmund

Bayern Munich





Clubs with 21 gold players

Atletico Madrid



Inter Milan

Manchester City




Clubs with 20 gold players


Tottenham Hotspur


You can see the top clubs by the number of gold players they have below: