Messi Shows Dribbling Skills in FIFA 16 No Touch Dribbling Trailer

fifa16mall Date: Jul/02/15 21:13:39 Views: 41

In the real world of football it's very rare that players throw their legs around or do ridiculous spins to go past a defender, with a mixture of momentum, feinting and subtle touches of the ball usually the most effective way to do so. Lionel Messi is a perfect example of this, with the little genius dropping his shoulder one way before darting off in the opposite direction a delightfully common visual treat during Barcelona matches.

In order to capture this kind of motion, EA Sports have announced a new dribble control system for FIFA 16 - one which mimics Messi brilliantly. You can actually see in action in the video at the top of the page. Describing No Touch Dribbling as like driving a car, holding down the skill shoulder button disengages the engine, allowing fine touching with the analogue stick to try and fool defenders into going the wrong way. Whether it works or not seems dubious from various videos, like this playthrough at E3:


Gamers will now be able to feint, free up space and beat defenders without the ball - skills which will soon be being used to humiliate friends and loved ones across the country. All it will take is a press of the L1/LB button to step away from the ball and a flick of the left analogue to shift the player's body and - voila - you'll ghost past your best mate's back four and score your eighth goal of the match.


Get ready for gloating. "No Touch Dribbling" should be a game changer.