Oscar Will Share FIFA 16 Cover with Messi in Brazilian

fifa16mall Date: Jul/25/15 15:11:31 Views: 41

Electronic Arts released early on Friday (24) the cover art for the Brazilian market the new game of their series of football. As we already know, Oscar, Chelsea midfielder, shares the spotlight with the Argentine Lionel Messi, Barcelona star - and for years a symbol of the FIFA cover worldwide. The cover of FIFA 16 with Oscar, however, is exclusive for players of Brazil.


In addition to playing with the stars of the men's soccer, will be the first time that FIFA 16 brings women to the field with the addition of women's football. Alex Morgan, the US team, and Christine Sinclair of Canada's team, adorn the covers of FIFA in their countries. To learn how you will be playing with Marta or Hope Solo, you can read our preview matches with women's football.

One of the highlights of E3 2015 for IGN Brazil, FIFA 16 will also have news in gameplay, of course. Gilliard Lopes, FIFA series producer at EA Canada, came to the office to chat with the editor Gustavo Petro and the reporter Bruno Chapels on innovations in defense, midfield and attack.