Reacting Footage of Bundesliga Players to FIFA 16 Ratings

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Plenty of FIFA 16 ratings of all players from the clubs available in the FIFA 16 Demo and many fans are reacting to some of the most controversial decisions. What is always interesting though is to see how the players themselves react and EA Sports have now released footage of some Bundesliga players reacting.

Bayer Leverkusen’s Hakan Calhanouglu is on the video and weirdly he says that he thinks he should be higher for both free-kicks and shot power.

“I think I should be higher for FKs and shot power. Please make me more aggressive, so I’m able to win more duels.”

Hakan Calhanouglu scored eight goals last season in the league.

Now given that Calhanouglu is 87 for shot power and a ridiculous 95 for free-kicks we hope that he is joking, but he looked pretty serious in the video.

International team-mate Nuri Sahin has accepted that his rating was always going to go down after being injured for so long, but the Borussia Dortmund man said he though the FIFA 16 Ratings were pretty kind.

“I was injured for almost a year so I think they were gracious with me. It’s always like that when you’re not playing, you drop off.”

Having said that he did question why his headers were as low as 47 on the game, saying that he felt that was one of the stronger areas of his game.

“I’ll be honest: Headers are one of my strengths. I can’t understand why I just got a 47.”

Another Leverkusen star, Christoph Kramer, admitted that his pace was pretty low, but it was accurate given that he is actually slow in real life!

“For sure I’m too slow, but on the real pitch I’m too slow as well. So it’s realistic”

Borussia Monchengladbach pair Andre Hahn and Patrick Hermann are well known for being two of the quickest players in the game and unsurprisingly they were both keen to find out their ratings.

Hahn to Hermann. “You are allowed a pace increase, as long as I’m still faster than you. You get a 92 and I a 95, ok?.” Hermann replies “No way you would beat me!”

Hahn then moves onto his other attributes “I should be stronger, I need to be boosted in shooting as well.”

Hahn was the victor this time with a pace stat of 95 whilst Hermann was a few points below him on 92.

The former also felt that his shooting and strength should be given a boost as well.

You can see the full video below and can find more coverage of FIFA 16 on fifa16mall news section.