The Chance of Geting IF Card Increased in FIFA 16

fifa16mall Date: Oct/15/15 14:50:40 Views: 30

EAs plans another interesting way to make the game mode seem more appealing, which will continually push you towards FIFA 16 Ultimate Team. One of the biggest pluses of FIFA 16 Ultimate Team is getting to play with in-form cards, commonly referred to as IF cards. These cards see players’ stats boosted and they are on the whole a lot of fun to play with.

They can be extremely difficult to get in packs though and many players will be lucky to get one IF card across the year so EA are looking to try and help you out. What they’ve done is offered the cards at an increased rate for a limited period, which should mean more people are getting the cards.

Until 5:59pm UK time tomorrow you will have a better chance of getting last week’s TOTW cards which includes a hero card for Sergio Aguero after he scored five goals against Newcastle United. Other players in that team include an in-form Mesut Ozil, who is up at 88 following his performance against Manchester United, and North London rival Christian Eriksen who scored twice against Swansea City and has a rating of 84. Elsewhere in the team Serie A stars Gervinho and Lorenzo Insigne are both in the side and there are certainly enough players to make it worth buying a few packs.