The Strongest Player in FIFA 16: Adebayo Akinfenwa

fifa16mall Date: Aug/29/15 04:20:30 Views: 47

AFC Wimbledon striker Adebayo Akinfenwa has confirmed that once again he will be the strongest player in FIFA 16 also revealing that he has had a face scan for the game whilst also sending a warning to EA Sports about his ratings. 


Akinfenwa is widely considered to be one of the strongest players in professional football and he has long been keen to make sure he is the strongest player in the FIFA series.


Last season he got his wish and he was made the strongest player on FIFA 15, a title that he retains for FIFA 16.


He also revealed in a promotional video that he has been given a face scan by EA to make sure that he looks as realistic as possible.


It is the first time that a player outside of the Premier league in England has been given a face scan and it goes to show just how high a profile he has.


Interestingly towards the end of the video he also comments on his rating, saying that he believes his defensive heading and overall rating need to be bumped.

However he did say that he is pretty happy with his pace and finishing although warned EA they need to take him up to 65.


“FIFA listen, you gave my defensive capability very low, I win a lot of defensive headers. That needs to be increased. You helped me on pace, I wanted 50 and you gave me 50 so I’m not really going to begrudge you pace no more.” Akinfenwa said.

“To be fair I think they gave me a better shot in the game than I do in real life. They need to put in the BMO dance, every so often Akinfenwa goes beast mode and FIFA need to put it in. I think they left me at a 63, bump me up to 65 and then we’ll be cool. FIFA, you’ve been warned.”

As ever a lot of fans will be likely to try and sign Akinfenwa on career mode and Ultimate Team because his strength makes him a real handful.


FIFA 16 will be release on September 22 in the North America and the demo will be out on September 8.