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  • EA Sports Leaves the Brazilian Club Botafogo Outside FIFA 16 08/31/2015
    Botafogo will be another Brazilian clubs that not be present in FIFA 16, they unveiled the carioca club by a press release published Friday, lamenting the fact and ensuring that it is a "unilateral decision last minute "from Electronic Arts, the game's producer.
  • EA Sports Gets The License of 14 Brazilian Clubs 08/31/2015
    ESPN meanwhile confirmed that several Brazilian clubs reached an agreement with EA Sports, yet some of them even had their existing contracts. Meanwhile the Brazilian website UOL Jogos has contacted the communication and marketing departments of the clubs that make up the Brazilian League, in order to confirm their presence at the next installment in the FIFA series, here are the results.
  • Oscar Will Share FIFA 16 Cover with Messi in Brazilian 07/25/2015
    Oscar, Chelsea midfielder, shares the spotlight with the Argentine Lionel Messi, Barcelona star - and for years a symbol of the FIFA cover worldwide. The cover of FIFA 16 with Oscar, however, is exclusive for players of Brazil.
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